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work in a Gym without qualifications

Can you work in a Gym without qualifications?

So, can you work in a gym without qualifications?

For all the jobs that don’t require training people the answer is yes. Those jobs might be cleaner, receptionist or security guard.  Bear in mind even these jobs may have some prerequisite certifications, security checks and educational requirements.

Education and certification

Becoming a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor will require Certificates and/or Diplomas in Fitness Instruction;

Health, Fitness & Exercise or Instructing Exercise & Fitness to at least a Level 2.

Level 3 Diplomas in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training will take you higher.

Accredited memberships

For a training role you should also consider memberships like the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Beyond these qualifications Personal Trainers will need first aid training that includes CPR and public liability insurance.

Once you have the necessary qualifications you can start to look for a role, check out our article here to help with that search.

If you are going to work in a Gym without qualifications then progression will be limited. However for people willing to train there is progression into management.

In Gym Management you will most likely need a degree in a sports related science or some vocational management experience. This coupled to some experience as a trainer would certainly help. 

Understanding how Gyms hire people will help, here’s an article to read on that. 

The kind of people skills you will need for Gym work can certainly be gleaned in most or all customer centric jobs. Being proactive, a problem solver and having an upbeat personality will go a long way.  You need to be a people person first and foremost to get the best from working with the public.