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How do I get a gym job

How do I get a gym job with no experience?

How do I get a gym job always comes up. We say all careers have to start somewhere and the Gym and Fitness sector is no different to any other, dig around and you’ll find there is opportunity in more places than you might think.

Getting some qualifications will help.

Also take a look at our how to get a job in a Gym here. 

Remember there is no shortcut, however one way to approach this would be to look at the spectrum of different jobs available within the Gym industry. Look at the head office roles, your point of entry to the industry does not always have to be in the Gym itself. The head offices are full of interesting jobs in Marketing, Franchise Sales, Finance, Administration and Operations. All these roles are a potential point of entry to getting that Gym job. 

Remember you can always transfer internally to something else later in your career.

Most people looking for a Gym job fancy the life of a Personal Trainer. If that’s the case we’re guessing that you are very interested in Fitness and keeping fit.

So when asking yourself “how do I get a gym job” get yourself down the Gym. Mixing with the Personal Trainers, the class Instructors and the Gym goers will give you some insight in to what working in a Gym could be like.