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The best way to recruit

The best way to recruit Gym staff in 20/21

So what is the best way to recruit Gym staff in 2020 and how should you be doing it.

There is a very simple answer to this question and to be honest it fits for most sectors. There is no definitive best way. To stay ahead and recruit either the best or at volume you need to blend many different techniques into one method, measure it, iterate and keep it going.

Multiple Channels

The channels listed here will all produce candidates for you some of the time. Ranking these is difficult because at certain time some channels will massively outperform others, but relying on one channel can be a hit and miss strategy, so blending really will produce the best results. Our strategy touches on all these. We will go through each channel in detail below explaining how and why it works.

As a side note, when most people start to grow a business they rarely anticipate the time it takes to find the right people and the cost. We like to compare recruiting costs to heating a house, it’s well known that once a house is warm maintaining it is cheaper than heating from cold every day. Similarly when recruiting maintaining a presence is cheaper than launching new campaigns every time a vacancy comes live. Yes there are economies of scale here and only you can decide what to spend. If your appetite for staff is high you will definitely benefit from all the channels below and if it’s low we will try and highlight the best way to get value from single campaigns.

Recruiting channels

Job Boards

We would say that Job Boards are by far the best way to attract and recruit staff and we’ve been in the Industry for over 20 years.

Broken down into generalist and specialist like ours they are a sign post to your open roles working while you’re sleeping.

They have their own budgets and people all working to drive traffic to your jobs and ultimately your recruitment ecosystem.

  • Good for single campaigns
  • Great for long-term brand awareness.
  • Strong as a standalone channel
  • Works well in conjunction with other channels
  • Serves as a reliable engine for your recruitment ecosystem

Career Portal or Website

Your career portal is the doorway to your recruitment ecosystem. It’s where you can really shine out to the right people, but it takes investment.

Many companies bury the career section down low in the website because their business interests or products take centre stage, bear in mind this can make it less effective. This is the place where applications live or die, paying heed to the customer experience here is vital.

  • Good for displaying your company’s intention but must be curated and up to date
  • More effective when fed from other sources
  • Very important for getting sign ups and applications over the line

 Referral Program

A great referral program is an essential part of a good recruitment ecosystem. It works best when the referrers are well rewarded but that should be balanced, if the scheme is too generous the volume goes up but the quality goes down. The other way and employees won’t have the motivation to find people.

  • A great starter that should be first choice for any campaign
  • There should always be some sensible guidelines and rules around who people can refer

Candidate Relationship Management systems

The simplest systems in this category store your applications and make them searchable further down the line.

With the top of the line you can run detailed analytics and marketing campaigns but it comes at a cost.

There are systems available for every budget. Look for something that fits with your aspiration to grow, changing these systems is costly in time and loss of productivity so choosing wisely is vital. Get something scalable and check how the cost scales.

If you are a small Gym that has staff turnover you won’t need anything too sophisticated, something with a simple CX and UX will suffice.

  • This is a must have cog in your recruitment ecosystem
  • Not great as a standalone but paired with a job board it should prove it’s long term value
  • Great potential for efficient tracking and pipelining of future applications

Banners and Signs

The simplest way to advertise your jobs is on the wall or in the window of the Gym with signs and Banners.  They don’t always have to be physical, virtual banners placed on job boards and affiliate websites are an inexpensive way of letting your audience know you are open for hires.

  • Inexpensive
  • Even better when tied in with a wider online campaign
  • Works well in conjunction with your Candidate CRM for sign ups
  • Quick effective snap shots with potential high visibility

Recruitment Companies

Some would say these are the last choice based on cost but for certain roles where high volume or very specific skills are needed a strong partnership in this area is vital. Also remember this you don’t typically pay a fee until the role is filled. Meaning from a value perspective you get exactly what you pay for unlike other channels where you can pour in thousands of pounds and hours for little or no hires.

  • For very low volumes of hires this is can be very cost effective
  • For volume this is the most expensive channel but as mentioned only paid on results
  • Remember to haggle
  • Use your own community for recommendations
  • Don’t sign up with too many to keep them engaged and on-point
  • Manage them, remember they are representing you and your brand in the market
  • Keep in mind they serve themselves first

Social Media

Social links offer great potential to pull in from a targeted audience. They can also extend your reach beyond that immediate audience with shares and likes.

  • Some social feeds move really quickly so post and re-post for effectiveness
  • Great as doorways to your recruitment ecosystem
  • Works well with other campaign tools
  • Great for A/B testing ideas


Good old trade publications will always have a certain pull, in some cases it is a prerequisite that you advertise in these types of journals especially at the senior end of hiring.

  • Trusted and usually well subscribed
  • Great as indicators to your target hiring group
  • Digital offerings can be weak

Here we have a detailed guide on how to get the best from Talent Acquisition and how to measure these channels effectively.


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