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How do you get a job in a gym

How do you get a job at a Gym?

So really, how do you get a job in a gym. This is the question that a lot of people have so let’s break down the process and steps to finding your dream job.

It’s worth noting that finding a job relies on hard work and some luck.

“Luck is where research, planning and timing all meet to create opportunity”,  but don’t panic because if you follow the process below you can actually create some luck. The good news is it’s everywhere!

Let’s assume you have the right qualifications although we will discuss qualifications in another post. To get started you need to identify the role, we can break this process into two steps;

1) Locating potential places of employment

The best place to start are the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Map out the geographical area that you are prepared to work in. This could be close for travelling on foot or further afield by car or train. Remember to map the easy commuting distances from the destination train stations and include these in your search.  This alone will massively increase the potential opportunities. Then search for Gyms and Fitness centres and start to make a list. These can include, Private Gyms, Corporate Gyms and State run Leisure Centres.

Once you have a comprehensive list you can begin to look for specific vacancies. Easy peasy. 

2) Identifying actual live opportunities

For this part you’ll be visiting corporate websites and looking at the careers sections. Again using the search engines to identify where jobs are advertised. Once you have these details you can begin applying. Be sure to look at our article on Job Application Tips.

Now that you have a target list of companies and locations, some applications in hand the task of monitoring and keeping track of your progress begins. These tips work for pretty much any industry or sector.

The following will help;
  • Register as a job seeker on the site, that way when new jobs matching your search are posted you get notified
  • Keep a record of all applications
  • Follow up every application with an email or call
  • Look out for new Gyms opening up in your radius areas
  • Don’t give up
  • Look for Gym industry events that are open to the public and do some networking

People also ask us, how do you get a job in the fitness industry. This is essentially the same thing although there are many more opportunities for employment if you take the whole fitness industry and not just the Gym sector. 

Maybe when some asks you, “how do you get a job in a gym” you can share this article.

I would also if you have time recommend this article as an understanding of how companies recruit will help you as a job seeker find them. 


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