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What should I wear at an interview with a Gym?

What should I wear is always one of the first things to consider before interview. Times have been changing across every sector and the Gym industry is no different.  Since the 1970’s decade on decade growth means there are now more Gyms and more jobs roles within them.

The industry has moved on from sweaty rooms with free weights and a bench. They are now multi-million pound clubs offering a raft of services and treatments.

Personal training, group classes, self-defence, cycling, free weights, fitness machines, massage, sports therapy and swimming. Plus, spas, cafes, relaxation therapy and beauty treatments.  With all these different roles on offer what should I wear is super important.

So, what you wear for the interview can make or break your job hunting strategy.

Sound Advice

I’ve seen many posts and heard people say that you should wear business casual as a default (I won’t even mention the suit word!) and in part I agree. But only when the role is one that would require a company uniform or business casual attire, maybe a front of house or membership sales role?  

If the new employee is going to be on the Gym floor all day using their own sportswear then surely observing what they will wear day to day is more important. What people where to work is a direct reflection of the Gyms brand. So when we invite people in for interview I think that some clear instructions should accompany the invitation.

Remember you can be overdressed for an interview!

If we are looking to the internet to answer the question, “what should I wear for an interview at a Gym” or any job for that matter, I’m sure it is the wrong thing to be asking.

Ask the hiring manager or recruiter “what should I wear to the interview”. I would go as far as to say the responsibility for this should really lie with the recruiter. A good one will make sure you are prepared and dressed appropriately.

This is what you should be asking!

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I hope this piece of advice helps, reading generic answers from other posts about what the author would or wouldn’t wear really won’t help. Try our guide to getting a job here.

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